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What I eat in a day at home

 1) Red Velvet Pancake! I quite liked it. I bought the beet root from the super market and tried to blend it. It is really difficult to blend the raw beet root so i tried to cook it until it is soft then blend it again. I didn't see the pre-cooked ones at the cold storage though. Anyway add the blended mixture into the pancake mix and blend everything again. You will get a redish pink mixture. :) Added maple syrup to my pancakes.

2) Bought the hokkien noodles from sheng shiong and i used my lobster broth to make soupy noodles! Comfort food for me. :)

3) Korean Army Stew. Bought the chili powder and Gochujang from a korea super market in Novena. Those are essential in making the soup. Really satisfied my cravings for Budae Jjigae (Army Stew).