Rakki bowl is actually within Candour coffee. Their partnership allows customers to enjoy coffee while feasting on delectable Japanese rice bowls.
Mentaiko Salmon Bowl(S/$15.90)  🍲 🐟 Salmon sashimi glazed with #mentaiko sauce topped with ebiko and seaweed on top of a bed of Japanese short-grain rice. Mentaiko can be Super addictive and I can’t get enough of this. 

I also went there on another occasion with friends. We ordered the salmon don(S/$13.90, L/$18.90) and signature truffle wagyu don(S/$12.90, L/$21.90). A generous portion of raw salmon and wagyu beef. The tender wagyu beef has a rather strong truffle presence. Truffle lovers would love this. Wish they could have given more rice. 

Overall, I think these are worth a try if you're in the area but don't travel there purposely to try it. There are too many rice bowl cafes/restaurants and this does not stand out. lol

Rakki bowl is on Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Grabfood, and Oodle for food delivery.

Address: 72 Duxton Road
089531 Singapore
Opening Hours: 12pm - 10pm
Closed on Sunday

Paradise Group Launches Seasonal Items; Brings Back Beauty in The Pot’s Beloved Shrimp Broth

Gourmands, rejoice! Paradise Group’s stable of restaurants is set to launch a wide array of seasonal mainstays from 6 July for a limited time only. The highly popular Shrimp Broth by Beauty in The Pot will also be back! Each participating restaurant will be holding a special theme for its line-up of seasonal items. They are as follows: 

Beauty in The Pot’s Shrimp Broth is set to make a glorious return. Making the broth is a laborious process. Fresh big prawns are baked at 180°C for 45 minutes, hand-grinded to a fine texture, then simmered for more than eight hours with premium conpoy for an umami note. Also added to the luscious stock is a blend of spices such as star anise, cinnamon, clove, and white peppercorn, giving the broth a piquant oomph. With the addition of fresh clams, the rich and flavourful broth is enhanced with the natural sweetness of the ocean.

10 Prawn Mee / Noodle stalls in Singapore you don't want to miss!

There are so many Prawn Noodle stalls located in Singapore. I have rounded up 10 stalls that you can give it a shot. To me, prawn noodle is characterized by its dark orange-hued broth, succulent prawns and tender ribs. The broth can be a result of boiling pork and prawns together or either one. It's a ubiquitous dish in hawker centers across Singapore.

#savefounderbkt An Open Plea to Save Founder Bak Kut Teh We will shut down our 42 year old brand in the next 2 months if we do not turn around

“We have been around for 42 years since 1978. This is the most difficult crisis we have ever met. For the last 5 months, our sales have dropped tremendously by over 85%. If we don't turn around in the next 2 months, we will need to shut down. We sincerely seek your support to save our brand, the jobs of our employees, and our heritage.”

Hello everyone,

I am Nigel Chua, the second-gen owner of the local homegrown brand, Founder Bak Kut Teh. As the title of this letter suggests, we are in a dire situation. Business is bad; really bad. We have been keeping our business afloat by relying on takeaway and deliveries since the outbreak of Covid-19, but our efforts are still insufficient. If this continues, Founder Bak Kut Teh will not tide through the pandemic.

We heaved sighs of relief when Phase 2 was announced and dine-in, finally permitted. My dad was elated, grinning from ear to ear, and gleefully headed down to the restaurant in the wee hours to prepare the aromatic Bak Kut Teh broth himself. We were hopeful that the situation would turn for the better. But we were wrong. Even now, we continue to walk into our empty restaurants with no diners insight. In our 42 years of business, these few months are the most tiring, trying and difficult.

Mr. Chua preparing Bak Kut Teh broth

We are reluctant to give up but we are struggling. The decision to write this letter is a heavy one. I am appealing to everyone for your support so that Founder Bak Kut Teh can continue to serve you and future generations for many more 42 years to come. We do not wish to close our doors but we desperately need your help.

My dad, Mr. Chua, started Founder Bak Kut Teh back in 1978. He was a pig farmer in Seletar and loved bak kut teh so much that he visited and tried many stalls while finding most of them lacking in good quality ingredients. He decided to prepare the dish using the very own pigs he reared. Long story short, here we are today with the well-loved Founder Bak Kut Teh you are familiar with. We’re known as a favorite among celebrities. Our walls are plastered with plenty of their pictures, from pop stars Jay Chou, Jam Hsiao, Eason Chan to film stars Chow Yun Fatt and Charmaine Sheh. A significant part of the customers we serve, as a result, are tourists who are not able to visit the city currently. This has impacted us tremendously, with a sales drop of 85% over the past 5 months.

We sincerely seek your support to not let our 42 years of hard work go in vain. Founder Bak Kut Teh, for the first time since our inception, will be offering over 30% OFF curated family set menus from 17 July to 17 August at Founder Bak Kut Teh Hotel Boss, Bugis and Downtown East outlets. This special discount is to thank you for your support during Circuit Breaker (we couldn’t have lasted this long without you) and to encourage you and your family to dine with us. Your next meal choice will make a difference for us.

Save Founder Bak Kut Teh, the jobs of our numerous employees, and our heritage – one meal at a time. We promise to serve you with our very best. In order to keep you safe while practicing social distancing measures, please make reservations before visiting us. If you have read this far, thank you. I really appreciate it. Hope to see you enlivening our restaurants soon. #savefounderbkt


Nigel, Second-gen Owner of Founder Bak Kut Teh

Founder Bak Kut Teh @ Hotel Boss

#01-09, 500 Jalan Sultan, Singapore 199020

Tel: 6816 2582

9am - 10pm daily


Founder Bak Kut Teh @ Bugis

530 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 188747

Tel: 6255 3889

9am - 10pm daily


Founder Bak Kut Teh @ Downtown East

Market Square @ Downtown East

E!Avenue, #01-310, 1 Pasir Ris Close

Singapore 519599

Tel: 6344 2588

10am – 10pm daily



Founder Bak Kut Teh Hotel Boss


Set A for 4PAX $58.80 (U.P. $94.20)

4x Popularity Bak Kut Teh

1x Poached Seasonal Vegetables with Soya & Fried Shallots (L)

1x Best with Rice (Steamed Trio Egg)

1x Grandma's Pork Belly

1x Moody to Eat (Pan Fried Marinated Garlic Chicken) (L)

4x Piglet in the Pool

4x Drinks (Barley / Longan & Red Dates / Lime)

Set B for 2PAX $33.80 (U.P. $47.80)

2x Popularity Bak Kut Teh

1x Poached Seasonal Vegetables with Soya & Fried Shallots (S)

1x Best with Rice (Steamed Trio Egg)

1x Moody to Eat (Pan Fried Marinated Garlic Chicken) (S)

2x Piglet in the Pool

2x Drinks (Barley / Longan & Red Dates / Lime)


Founder Bak Kut Teh Bugis & Downtown East

Set A for 4PAX $50.80 (U.P. $72.60)

4x Popularity Bak Kut Teh

1x Poached Seasonal Vegetables with Soya & Fried Shallots (L)

1x Best with Rice (Steamed Trio Egg)

1x Pig's Trotter (L)

2x You Tiao

4x Drinks (Barley / Longan & Red Dates / Lime)


Set B for 2PAX $30.80 (U.P. $45)

2x Popularity Bak Kut Teh

1x Poached Seasonal Vegetables with Soya & Fried Shallots (S)

1x Best with Rice (Steamed Trio Egg)

1x Pig's Trotter (S)

1x You Tiao

2x Drinks (Barley / Longan & Red Dates / Lime)

REVIEW: Brunches Cafe at Rangoon Road

On one of my quests to find yet another place to study, I stumbled on this cafe! Actually saw that people have been posting on Instagram about this cafe as well. It is walking distance from Farrer Park MRT so it is quite convenient to get to. The cafe exudes a vintage retro vibe with the car in the background, wooden tables, and old metal chairs. I quite like the design of this place. Of course, they have free WIFI as well. thank god.
Brunches cafe is available for delivery via Grab, Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and Chope.
You can refer to Brunches Cafe Menu here.
THE nearest MRT station to Brunches cafe would be Farrer Park.

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9am – 7pm
Closes on Tuesday
Address: Brunches Cafe, 94 Rangoon Road

Pretty flowers at each table with a positive note.

My Eternal Garden tea came! It's all very picturesque with the pretty flowers in the background.

My prawn Aglio olio pasta came. The pasta wasn't exactly al dente but it was yummy nonetheless! Prawns were succulent and tasty though. Can't have the best of both worlds, right? Even their plates are vintage themed!

Brunches Cafe is also your affordable High Tea location with your friends or families as the high tea set for 2 costs just $32. The high tea set comes in this Instagrammable or Instagram worthy three-tiered birdcage. This set consists of sliders, mini tarts, and a range of assorted cakes. You can also have a complimentary choice of tea from 6 of their house blends. So value for money, right?! The High Tea set is so limited they are only making 10 sets per day, so do contact them to reserve or enquire before making a trip there! 


Little Creatures @littlecreatures_sg
Stopped by this Family-friendly cafe for a weekend brunch. A large 180-seater indoor seating with alfresco seating and an in-house brewery! They are apparently well-known for their ales in Australia and are opening their Second outlet in Asia here in Singapore. They have another outlet in Hong Kong.
This cafe had a warm, cozy, and welcoming ambiance. The cafe had a lively and casual atmosphere with people occupying almost all the tables when I was there. They also have live music playing but I'm not sure how is the schedule like..

We ordered the Little Creature burger ($28). The Little Creature does it right which features 2 soft buns 🍔🍔🍔 sandwiching the juicy and tender 200g beef patties, caramelized onion, bacon, tomatoes, pickles, and smoked paprika mayo with fries as sides.

We also had the Eggs Benedict Lobster($42). Lobster and eggs, a winning COMBO! Eggs Benedict is one of my most favorite breakfasts or BRUNCH ever. Mostly because of the hollandaise sauce. Lobster is also one of my most fav seafood. Sorry for having a High SES taste. XD
Featuring succulent and fresh grilled lobsters with spinach side by side with hollandaise sauce doused all over 2 poached eggs on ciabatta.

Everything was so yummy! Especially the lobster egg Benedict!

Little Creature is available on Food Panda for delivery.

Address: Little Creatures Mohamed Ali Lane
36 Club Street, Singapore 069469
Opening Hours: 8am - 12am daily
Go to to make your reservations.

Takeaway: 10am - 10pm
Delivery: Fridays & Saturdays
(arrival between 3pm - 7pm)
WhatsApp orders to +65 9058 4867

YUN NANS’s Classic Yunnan Ethnic Highland Dishes, Now Available in Single and Combo Sets Save up to 25% when ordering the different sets

YUN NANS, the overseas outpost of China’s largest casual Yunnan restaurant chain Yun Hai Yao is proud to announce the launch of its new Single and Combo sets. The sets will showcase the restaurant’s most popular dishes, which are made with fresh ingredients specially procured from the Yunnan province.

The six main dishes include the following:
  1. Golden Poached Rice with Seafood in Prawn Broth (海鲜虾汤泡脆金米): Poached rice, along with fresh seafood such as clams and prawns, are cooked in YUN NANS's signature prawn broth. The dish is then topped with crispy rice pops. This exquisite dish promises an interplay of flavors and texture with every bite, from the sweetness and freshness of the seafood to the savory punch and crunchiness of the rice pops.
  2. Yunnans Cross-bridge Noodles (云南过桥米线): This is a quintessential Yunnan dish with a fascinating origin story. It is said that there once lived a dedicated wife, who had to cross a bridge to bring her husband — who was studying for the imperial exams on a small island — food. The food was always cold when it reached him. One day, the wife decided to keep the broth hot by adding a thin layer of oil. She also packed the noodles and other ingredients separately. This way, her husband would get to enjoy the food while it is hot. For YUN NANS's rendition, the signature rice noodles are made purely with rice and water, the recipe calling for a laborious 14-step process. Rich in flavor and collagen with a slightly unctuous quality, the soup base is made by boiling pork bones for over five hours. There are also other ingredients, including shredded carrots, chives, spring onion, sliced fish, chicken, pork, and Chinese ham, which are served separately. You can choose to have the raw ingredients packed separately or to have them already cooked.
  3. Rice Noodles with Pork Chop (猪扒小锅米线): This dish features a medley of pork bone soup, minced pork, Yunnan's chili sauce, preserved vegetables, fresh chives, and al dente ribbons of noodles. The rice noodles from Yunnan are cooked in individual pots. This dish boasts a slightly sour note that certainly whets the appetite.
  4. Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Yunnan Preserved Vegetables (黑三剁): Rose rutabaga, a common type of preserved vegetable used in Yunnan cuisine, is minced into tiny pieces, and then fried with minced meat. Simple yet savory, this dish pairs impeccably with fluffy rice.
  5. Poached Pork Collar with Pickled Chillies (腌菜松板肉): Tender pork collar is poached in a slightly spicy-sour broth made with Yunnan's specialty pickled chili. Each sip is moreish and addictive!
  6. Grilled Seabass with Lemongrass (傣味烤鲈鱼): Marinated with six types of Yunnan spices, the seabass is grilled over charcoal and then sprinkled generously with an inhouse chili seasoning mix before it is served.

The set meals are as follows:

Value Sets è¶…值套餐(for 1 pax ä¾› 1 ä½ä½¿ç”¨) S$14.90++ (UP S$22.30++)

Value Set è¶…值套餐 (A)

  • Fried Rice with Minced Pork and Preserved Vegetables (黑三剁炒饭)
  • Appetizing Cucumber with Garlic (手拍蒜香日本黄瓜)
  • Shredded Chicken with Yunnan fresh peppercorns (手撕花椒鸡)
  • Herbal Drink of the Day (是日凉茶)

Value Set è¶…值套餐 (B)

  • Rice Noodles with Pork Chop (猪扒小锅米线)
  • Appetizing Cucumber with Garlic (手拍蒜香日本黄瓜)
  • Shredded Chicken with Yunnan fresh peppercorns (手撕花椒鸡)
  • Herbal Drink of the Day (是日凉茶)


Premium Sets优质套餐 (for 1 pax ä¾› 1 ä½ä½¿ç”¨) S$17.90++ (UP S$26.30++)

Premium Set ä¼˜è´¨å¥—餐 (A)

  •  Golden Poached Rice with Seafood in Prawn Broth (海鲜虾汤泡脆金米)
  • Appetizing Cucumber with Garlic (手拍蒜香日本黄瓜)
  • Shredded Chicken with Yunnan fresh peppercorns (手撕花椒鸡)
  • Herbal Drink of the Day (是日凉茶) 

Premium Set ä¼˜è´¨å¥—餐 (B)

  • Yunnans Cross-bridge Noodles (云南过桥米线)
  • Appetizing Cucumber with Garlic (手拍蒜香日本黄瓜)
  • Shredded Chicken with Yunnan fresh peppercorns (手撕花椒鸡)
  • Herbal Drink of the Day (是日凉茶)


Combo Sets ä¸¤ä½é¤ (For 2 persons ä¾› 2 ä½ä½¿ç”¨)

Combo Set ä¸¤ä½é¤ (A) S$33.90++ (UP S$45.70++)

Stir-Fried Minced Pork with Yunnan Preserved Vegetables (黑三剁)
  • Poached Chicken with Yunnan fresh peppercorns (老昆明团结乡花椒鸡)
  • Stir-fried Green Dragon Vegetables with Shredded Beancurd (云南豆皮炒青龙菜)
  • 2 x Steamed Rice (白饭)
  • 2x Herbal Drink of the Day (是日凉茶)

Combo Set ä¸¤ä½é¤ (B) S$37.90++ (UP S$50.70++)

  • Poached Pork Collar with Pickled Chillies (腌菜松板肉)
  • Stir-Fried Egg with Jasmine Petals (茉莉花炒鸡蛋)
  • Stir-fried Green Dragon Vegetables with Shredded Beancurd (云南豆皮炒青龙菜)
  • 2 x Steamed Rice (白饭) 
  • 2 x Herbal Drink of The Day (是日凉茶)

Combo Set ä¸¤ä½é¤ (C): S$39.90++ (UP S$53.70++)

  • Century Egg with Grilled Capsicum (彩椒皮蛋)
  • Grilled Seabass with Lemongrass (傣味烤鲈鱼)
  • Braised Egg Beancurd with Cordyceps Flowers (虫草花绘豆腐)
  • 2 x Steamed Rice (白饭)
  • 2 x Herbal Drink of The Day (是日凉茶) 


YUN NANS Single and Combo sets are available for dine-in on weekdays from 11.30am to 4pm.

All sets are also available to be ordered at the two outlets or via,, Star Taster, foodpanda, GrabFood, and Deliveroo. The delivery fee applies.

Venue: Jewel Changi Airport, #02-217

Contact number: +65 6908 3677

Opening hours: 10am – 9pm

Venue: 3 Gateway Drive #03-07 Westgate Singapore 608532

Contact number: +65 6970 9891

Opening hours: 11:30am to 9pm

Tomato Egg Noodles Recipe

Tomatoes are one of my favs 🥺~ Was inspired by @omnivorescookbook to make this Tomato 🍅 Egg 🥚 Noodle🍝 ! Tomato egg noodles è¥¿çº¢æŸ¿é¸¡è›‹é¢/番茄鸡蛋面 are a traditional Chinese dish. Can you even find Chinese tomato egg stir-fry or fried tomato egg ç•ªèŒ„炒蛋 in tze char stalls or Chinese restaurants in Singapore?
It's actually not challenging to make this yourself at home at all. All you need to do is stir fry the tomatoes, eggs, and other ingredients and with seasonings, then toss it with the noodles and you will have this plate of yummy noodles. 😌 Try out this recipe! It's super easy~

Benefits of Eating Tomatoes:
  1. I used a single tomato in this recipe and it can provide the recommended minimum of 40% vitamin C intake daily! In addition, it also contains Vitamin A which boosts your immunity system and Vitamin K which is key in maintaining healthy blood pressure.
  2. An antioxidant called Lycopene can be found in tomatoes. It is why tomatoes are red in color! Research suggests that it is efficacious in eating tomatoes and tomato products than take lycopene supplements. 
  3. In order to have healthier eyesight, Lycopene aids in that too! They contain the important nutrients lutein and beta-carotene that prevents cataracts.
  4. Tomatoes aids in digestion as well. It can help if you're having constipation! 
  5. People with Type 2 diabetes can eat tomatoes more frequently as it can help prevents the risk of heart disease because diabetes doubles the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  6. Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants which are key in reducing free-radicals in your body, thus giving you youthful skin! It can help to retain the moisture in the skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles!
  7. Help to prevents risks of having prostate, ovarian, lung, and stomach cancers.
As always, eat in moderation but you can find ways to incorporate tomatoes in your meals often.

How to make Tomato Egg Noodles


  • 1 Pack Egg Noodles
  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoons Olive Oil
  • 2 eggs, beaten
  • 1 green onions, chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, chopped
  • 1 Ripe tomato
  • 1 teaspoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt (or to taste)

Cooking Directions

  1. Cook the noodles according to the instructions on the package. Run the cooked noodles under tap water to cool. Drain and set aside.
  2. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil over medium-high heat. Add the eggs. Stir it when the bottom part is done. Use the spatula to chop the eggs into bite-sized pieces. Set aside.
  3. Add the remaining 1/2 tablespoon of oil, green onion, and garlic to the pan. Stir a couple of times to release the fragrance. Add the tomato. Stir and cook until the tomato is tender, about 2 minutes. Add the soya sauce and stir to mix well.
  4. Add the eggs, salt, and sugar. Stir it all together to mix well. You can adjust the seasoning by adding more salt or sugar according to your taste. Toss the noodles in and make sure they 're well-mixed.


 JW360° Japan Way Three Sixty is a one-stop japan concept stall with a 3-in-1 (cafe, restaurant, and retail) all in one in Jewel Changi Airport. It comprises of Suju Masayuki Japanese Restaurant, a restaurant offering simple authentic comfort food, JW360° Café, a coffeehouse serving a seasonal menu of drinks and desserts, and Nomono, a specialty food retail store featuring Japanese imported food products – some of which are available for the first time in an overseas market. The one that I have been to is the JW360° Café.

Matcha Mont Blanc
The traditional mont blanc but with a matcha twist! There's a reversal with Matcha paste piped around chestnut paste. Not too sweet with the matcha balancing everything out. 

Sakura Raspberry Pie
It is the after all still the spring season so we decided to get the Sakura Raspberry Pie as well. A dollop of lightly torched Sakura meringue sits atop a flaky light pastry with a brimming raspberry cream-filled center.  Cut open to discovering a layer of matcha ganache. Just the right amount of tartness and sweetness. I love it. 

Apart from cakes and pastries, they also have Ice cream! My friend ordered a small cup to share. We had the houjicha and soba-cha flavor. While The houjicha was rich and with roasty undertones, the soba-cha is the real deal and taste just like the Japanese Buckwheat tea. Nutty, earthy, and oh so enjoyable. Some of the notable flavors are black sesame, matcha milk, and Japanese whiskey.

Address: 225 Jewel, 78 Airport Blvd, #01-223/224 Changi Airport Singapore
Opening Hours: 11am - 11pm


Was at Katong for a tasting and decided to check this The Humble Scoop out. They're basically a small shop that is located within Katong Shopping Centre selling ice creams, drinks, and waffles. What's so special about them are their Locally Inspired flavors! Unassuming shop with maid agencies and tuition centers as neighbors. 

As a child, I grew up eating Haw flakes. They're these small circular Haw flakes wrapped in paper packaging. It comes in this pale/dark pink color. When I saw this available there, I knew I had to try it! It tastes just like the Haw flakes that I remembered. It leaves a tangy aftertaste in the mouth and can be quite addicting!

There are also other locally inspired flavors such as Pulut Hitam, Sugarcane, and Milo. Their ice cream is also home-made! Basic flavors go for S$3.90 per scoop, S$6.90 for two scoops, and S$8.90 for three scoops. Premium flavors are priced at S$4.90 for one scoop, S$8.90 for two scoops, and S$11.90 for three scoops.

Address: Katong Shopping Centre, 865 Mountbatten Rd, #B1-92, Singapore 437844
Opening Hours: Tues – Sun 12pm to 9.30pm
Closed on Mondays
Check out their Instagram page here
You can check out the flavors menu here