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My Everyday Meal #45

  1. Udon stir fried in kimchi gochujang sauce topped with scallions and quail eggs! Get the recipe here
  2. Nissin kyushu black garlic ramen with button mushrooms and 7-11 onsen egg.
  3. Mapo tofu. (Used instant sauce) lol
  4. Egg omelette with tofu.
  5. I made this super easy #pestopasta with sausage, tomatoes, corn and mushrooms. What's your fav ingredients to add into your pesto pasta?
  6. Made my own version of this classic Thai dish with the help of a #padseeew meal kit. This doesn't comes with the shrimp wontons, vegetables and mushrooms. 
  7. Mushrooms Aglio Olio with potato salad.