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REVIEW: Good Cafe food in Singapore: CURIOUS PALETTE @ Prinsep street - Prawn Mentaiko Belacan Pasta and more (Permanently Closed)

Curious Palette cafe is kind of long so to maximize the usage of space, they have long tables in the middle. The best way to illuminate such space is to let in natural light from the ceiling. Pair grey and white walls with wood types of furniture to create a contemporary space.

Address: 64 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188667
Opening Hours: Sun - Thurs 9am – 10pm 
Fri - Sat 9am – 12am
Closed on Tue

Prawn Mentaiko Belacan Pasta
The spaghetti noodles are entirely coated in their special sauce that consists of heady hot sauce, prawn, shallot oil, and butter with a hint of belacan. I thought this would be spicy but it's not spicy, not even a hint of it. It is very creamy with a strong umami taste. The pasta dish is completed with 3 grilled prawns and Sakura Ebi and chili powder as garnishing. Would be even more shiok if it is spicy though.

I also ordered a cup of latte to go with the Blueberry Lavender tart. It had a crunchy tart crust with blueberry fillings and cream with blue swirls on top. It has a great combination of sweetness with hints of fruity sourness but is not overpowering! Just the way I like it. I noticed they added dried lavender probably for garnishing purposes as it does not add anything to the taste.

Truffle Cappellini
Mushroom fricassee, cream, parmesan & onsen eggs
The truffle flavor was pretty mild in this, more of an earthiness from the mushroom fricassee. The sauce is thick and creamy, but somewhat salty, maybe due to having too much parmesan cheese. I like that they have a poached egg in between and that makes the sauce creamier. This was not bad! Not overwhelming at all.

I also ordered one of their pie, Key Lime pie to try. Not as citrusy as I thought it would be and has quite a well-balanced taste.

I also had their Sea Salt Chocolate. It is basically chocolate with a faint hint of saltiness in a fancy bottle.