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REVIEW: Good korean muslim food in Singapore: JW Korean Food Story for HALAL korean army stew, BBQ, ramen and more~

JW Korean Food Story is such a hidden gem. Located along Bukit Timah, people seldom venture into Sixth Ave for food, although from their Facebook and IG page, this one is apparently well-known in the Muslim community. Yes, JW Korean Food Story is Halal and also Muslim-owned. I was there to try out their Army Stew. For those of you who don't know, Army stew is popular Korean comfort food that incorporated processed meat such as luncheon meat, hot dog and sausages. 

The one at JW Korean Food Story comes with Vegetable broth which is refillable and also gochujang paste that is already in the pot. This also comes with brown rice and noodles which is different from the traditional one with Instant noodles. The hot pot already has the chopped sausages, 2 cheese hot dog, luncheon meat inside. The vegetables such as cabbages, broccoli, mushrooms, xiao bai cai are served separately in a basket. There was also another basket with cutleries, scissors, and tongs which I thought was so thoughtful as most places don't give scissors for us to cut out food into smaller pieces. The army stew steamboat for 2 cost $19.80 which I think was quite affordable with the number of ingredients that they give.

Besides this, they also have Char – Beef Steamboat ($21), Homemade Kimchi Chicken Stew Steamboat ($18), and Seafood & Chicken Flavored Steamboat ($21). 

They also have the usual BBQ meat that you can only get in restaurants. 

  1. Sweet soy sauce – Grilled Chicken 6 / 200G
  2. Sweet soy sauce – Grilled Beef 10 / 200G
  3. Sweet & Spicy – Grilled Chicken 6 / 200G

(All Meat Comes With Grilled Veg & Side salad)

They have a variety of Ramen, rice bowls, and soups too.

Some interesting ones are the BBQ Lala Ramen, Beef Rebus Ramen, Beef Soto Ramen, BBQ Beef With Rice Bowl, and Yong Tau Foo Kimchi Soup.

Address: 10E Sixth Ave, Singapore 276474

Opening Hours: 11am - 10.30pm

Click here for JW Korean food story menu.

JW Korean food story delivery: Deliveroo, Foodpanda, and Grab