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An Offshoot of Hong Kong’s One-Michelin-starred Kam’s Roast Goose, Kam’s Roast Opens New Express Concept at Food Opera @ ION Orchard

Takeaway and delivery options are available for home enjoyment and greater peace of mind 

First time ever introducing quality Lava Yolk Century Egg with Ginger

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The highly popular Kam’s Roast is now coming to the heart of Orchard! The brand is launching Kam’s Roast Express, and the concept marks its first foray into a food court. Nestled in Food Opera @ ION Orchard, Kam’s Roast Express will dole out quality roasts and a medley of sides. Have your food to go or have them delivered via Deliveroo and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home. The concept’s strategic location in central Singapore offers convenient access; you can also expect to save on delivery costs. Kam’s Roast Express will subsequently be onboard Grabfood, Foodpanda, and Oddle.

First opened in 2017 to great fanfare, Kam’s Roast is the overseas offshoot of Kam’s Roast Goose, a one-Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong. Kam’s Roast Express will offer the brand’s must-try signatures. 

Dishes such as the Roast Duck, BBQ Pork (Char Siu), and Crispy Pork will have you rubbing your hands with glee. The roast duck is prepared with Kam’s Roast’s secret marinade and then roasted to perfection. The skin is ethereally thin and golden brown, and the meat succulent. The BBQ Pork has just the right amount of char for that smoky flavor and has a good balance of sweet and savory. The crispy pork is another crowd favorite, with super crunchy crackling and juicy meat. 

There is also the legendary Wonton Noodles (Dry/ Soup) ($7.80), the same version that the founder of Kam’s Roast Goose Mr. Kinsen Kam Kwan Sing served in Yung Kee. Al dente with a firm bite, the popular noodles follow a secret Hong Kong recipe well-loved by many. The noodles are accompanied by fresh, handmade goldfish-shaped wontons encasing premium prawn and pork fillings. The pastry skin is silky soft and the noodles are available in soup or dry versions. 

Cannot make up your mind what to have? Opt for the 4 Treasure Rice ($11.80) – one-dish heaven for roast meat lovers. The 4 ‘treasures’ refer to Kam’s signature roast duck, soya sauce chicken, BBQ Pork, and Salted Egg. Kam’s secret savory sauce is then drizzled over the meats and rice. Top up $5 to complete your meal with Wonton Soup and Poached HK Choy Sum.

Available in Singapore for the first time will be Lava Yolk Century Eggs with Ginger. The molten creamy center is the epitome of quality century eggs and is well complemented by the thinly sliced sourish pickled ginger. A great addition to your roasts at $3.30 for a whole egg, or a box of four at $13. The century eggs will be available from mid-June in limited quantity.

Other items such as Soya Sauce Chicken and Cured Sausages are available here as well. Enjoy the à la carte, or with rice or noodles. Prices start from S$6.80 for an order of BBQ Pork Rice. Sides such as marinated cucumber, marinated black fungus, salted egg, and braised egg are also available.