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The Hainan Story invites all for tea with new snacks featuring traditional items with new flavours

On top of its signature Swiss Rolls, cookies, and cakes, look forward to rarely seen traditional handmade Hainanese kueh and specialty toast buns created in collaboration with Taiwanese MONGA Crispy Chicken

Group shot of The Hainan Story’s new snacks offerings

You know it's kaya toast, you love its newspaper curry rice. Now look forward to even more delicacies at The Hainan Story as it adds to its tea-time menu with rarely-seen traditional handmade Hainanese kueh, Yi bua, as well as a new iteration of toast buns with a special collaboration with the famous Taiwanese MONGA Crispy Chicken. 

To wash it all down is also a selection of new Baocha bubble tea, made with konjac pearls for a healthier alternative, and delicious Asian-inspired flavors of its famed British-Hainanese butter cakes. All these are offered on top of its existing Swiss rolls, cookies, and cakes.

[New] Hainanese Yi Bua  

Available from 12 July 2021 at $7.90 for 3pcs of traditional Yi bua, 3 pcs of peanut Yi bua

Bringing back a blast from the Hainanese past, The Hainan Story is putting the traditional Yi bua on the menu, a traditional kueh you will not easily find just anywhere. Traditionally served during weddings and babies’ full moons, the Yi bua is a Hainanese steamed dumpling made with glutinous rice and potato flour and filled with a sweetened mixture of palm sugar, jaggery red sugar, grated coconut, ginger, and crushed roasted peanut before being wrapped with sheets of banana leaves and steamed to a pillowy soft sweet treat. First sight of it might remind some of the more famous ang Ku kueh, but the Yi bua stands out with its addition of peanuts that lend it an earthy veil on top of distinct crunch.

The Hainan Story looks forward to sharing this taste of tradition with the new generation in the form of two flavors of Yi bua, presented in equally contemporary styles. The traditional Yi bua will be served in its classic white color while pretty in pink yibua will come with additional peanuts. Both are modernized to be served in a triangular shape with the banana leaf left at the base of the Yi bua instead of wrapped around it, for ease of removal during consumption. Try a taste for only S$7.90 (6pcs) for three pieces of traditional Yi bua and three pieces of peanut yi bua from 12 July onwards!

[New] Hainanese MONGA Crispy Chic Toast Bun with Ice Lemon Tea

Available till 31 July at $9.90/set

Crossing borders and eras, The Hainan Story is proud to partner with Taiwanese XXL crispy chicken giant, MONGA, for a MONGA Crispy Chic Toast Bun burger-sandwich hybrid served with a fillet of MONGA’s signature fried chicken. Available for a limited time only until 31 July 2021, imagine a burger but with The Hainan Story’s fluffy toast buns in place of regular burger buns, sandwiching a whole golden fillet of MONGA XXL crispy chicken, cheese, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce. Specialty sides can be added to complement your toast bun burger, like coleslaw, Hainanese curry sauce, and a sweet and sour tomato sauce. You can find all complements at The Hainan Story, and the coleslaw version at MONGA Singpost Centre and JEM. Enjoy your toast of choice as a set with Iced Lemon Tea on the side for only S$9.90. 

The Hainan Story Butter Cakes

Asian-inspired flavors: Teh Tarik Butter Cake and Kopi Guyou Butter Cake

For those who can’t get enough of The Hainan’s Story’s swiss rolls, their Asian-inspired butter cakes could spruce up your next tea time. Chef Pang has created flavors such as Rum & Raisin Butter Cake, Teh Tarik Butter Cake, and Kopi Guyou Butter Cake (all priced at S$9 per roll; S$2.80 per slice). There is also a Deluxe Heritage Banana Cake (S$8 per roll; S$2.80 per slice).

[New] Baocha Bubble Tea Series with Konjac Pearls 

It’s not tea-time without tea. The Hainan Story has new bubble tea items with a collaboration with Baocha that will tempt even the most discerning bubble tea enthusiast. There are flavors like Hazelnut Earl Grey Milk Tea and Hazelnut Oolong Milk Tea for a melding of east and west. Best of all, they come with the choice of konjac pearls for a healthier alternative. They are priced from S$4.50-4.80. 

Tea-time just got a lot more exciting at The Hainan Story.

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