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PROMO: Trying the "Flavors of Spring" menu at Sushi Plus Singapore

I recently visited Sushi Plus Singapore, a Sushi Train And Conveyor Belt Restaurant, and was excited to see their new “Flavours of Spring” menu. The prices are affordable and I tried two dishes: the Salmon & Scallop Sakura Don ($7.50++) and the Sakura Ebi Hotate Nori sushi ($2++).

Address: Bugis Junction #02-53, 200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021

Opening Hours: 11am - 9.30pm

The Salmon & Scallop Sakura Don is a perfect dish for spring, with fresh raw salmon and scallop sashimi that just melt in your mouth. The dish has a subtle balance of sweetness and saltiness that is accentuated by the toppings of shredded nori seaweed and sakura ebi, which add crunch and saltiness to the dish.

The Sakura Ebi Hotate Nori sushi is a heavenly creation, with sushi rice topped with seared juicy scallop sashimi and tiny dried shrimp called sakura ebi. The sakura ebi are so crunchy and flavorful, while the scallops are tender and sweet. The crispy and salty nori seaweed just adds an extra layer of deliciousness to the whole thing.

Soft as silk, delicate as a dream - nothing beats the heavenly texture of raw Salmon Sashimi! This was so fresh!