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Experience Fresh Vibes and New Adventures at Rumours Beach Club. Where Culture and Community Convene.

Twenty-one years after it first opened in Bali, the Rumours brand is set for a rebranding, bringing with it a fresh new experience for guests. Look forward to refreshed interiors and a brand-new logo as the beach club seeks to integrate a fresh vision for its many loyal communities through its four core pillars: Culinary, Wellness, Music & Arts and Sustainability. 

Bask in the sunshine and live the island life as Rumours Beach Club debuts a refreshed menu and exciting foodie collaborations. Fitness enthusiasts can let loose with holistic wellness programmes that seem like a breeze. Party on at Rumours Beach Club with music festivals featuring legendary DJs spinning or being inspired by unique events as a nod to music and arts. Rumours Beach Club will also be embarking on a sustainable movement in an effort to create a hub that is kind to people and the planet.

The New Rumours Beach Club

Most apparent to visitors is a new front fa├žade and entrance of the club, made to be more noticeable and easier to access. A closer look reveals a renewed focus on unique events and experiences, all offered in the iconic Bali beach vibe that Rumours Beach Club has come to be known for.

Expect freshness across four core pillars at the new Rumours Beach Club:

Culinary is revamped with a new menu featuring international and local flavors, served in an environment of laidback island vibes. Plans are in place for chef collaborations locally and around the region to constantly bring excitement to the menus as well as welcome exposure between Singapore’s colorful dining scene and the world. Kicking things off will be a one-night-only unique menu of island vibe deliciousness by Blue Waves Executive Chef Natasya Soetantyo. On 20 May 2023, be the first to try the new flavors of Rumours with the Rumours Has It: Culinary Journey Featuring Executive Chef Natasya Soetantyo, from 11am till closing.

Music & Arts is given a jumpstart with Rumours Beach Club’s new platform for artists-in-residence programmes, interactive spaces for the local community to gather, and a lineup of workshops and cultural events for fashion, music, and art. It seeks to be the creative platform for all to come and explore their creative spirit. Be inspired with RUSSH presents Studio 54: A Night with Bert Bevans (NY) which will transport you right back to the groovy seventies with a disco fever Studio 54-themed night with legendary DJ Bert Bevans! He will spin from 6pm-8pm on 20 May 2023. 

Wellness is taken up a notch with new fitness and wellness offerings and programmes, created with renowned brands and experts in the industry. Rumours Beach Club seeks to be the place where one comes to have fun and become a better version of themselves. It invites all to its Move & Wave with Haus Athletics on 13 May 2023 to sweat up a storm through a cardio-based beach class of Haus HIIT, supported by Harmless Harvest, JBL, and Kydra. The first class commences from 9.30am-10.15am while the second class takes place from 10.30am-11.15am. 

Sustainability is given extra spotlight in all of Rumours Beach Club’s efforts, with a focus on awareness and education. In its renovation, it has partnered with key players to use only sustainable materials. Moving forward, all aspects of the resort borrow influencers and resources from sustainable sources where possible to create a hub that’s kind to people and the planet. Be part of the efforts with the Rumours Movement with The Plastic Project that will make recycling fun by turning it into your very own recycled arts-and-craft within 30 seconds. This takes place on 13 May 2023 from 11am-3pm. 

A New Logo

Evolving from its iconic red lip mouth-open logo, Rumours Beach Club’s new logo symbolizes community and socializing, incorporating the elements of a tranquil sea view with a sun setting behind two faraway mountains which represent vacation vibes, pleasure, and leisure. Retaining the color and silhouette but speaking more in-depth of Rumours Beach Club’s full offerings, the logo speaks of the new Rumours Beach Club that is all around more holistic while still keeping true to its beach club roots.

The new changes elevate the iconic beach club experience that still sees Rumours Beach Club’s signature vibes, exemplary service, authentic Jimbaran food, and three signature pools – the only beach club in Singapore with three separate pools catered to different pockets of spaces designed for both the young and young at heart. 

Anticipate a new chapter with Rumours Beach Club, since its inception in 2019, as an escape from city life. Party on and #GetBreezy with a captivating fusion of exciting cuisine, music, and arts, invigorating wellness programmes, interlinked with a strong sustainability mission all in one place. Reimagine and discover something new as Rumours Beach Club whisks you to a vacational ambiance right in sunny Sentosa!