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A Taste of the Classic and Contemporary with Sushi Tei’s Summer Menu “Natsu”

Sushi Tei is proud to present its new seasonal menu, Natsu, which means summer in Japanese! The menu is a splendid presentation of unique Japanese produce such as Berry Hiramasa, Okinawa Goya, and Juku Aged-Wagyu.

Harvested from the fish farms in Nagasaki, the Berry Hiramasa feeds on a diet laced with strawberry juice and powder. The strawberries, or yumenoka, are one of the local specialities of Nagasaki. The meat of the flatfish is hence imbued with a lovely sweetness and tang. Relish the delightful burst of freshness with every bite!  

Enjoyed during summertime as it can help increase otamina, the Okinawa Goya is a bitter melon tich in vitamin C and minerals. Bitter but very nourishing, this is a staple that many Okinawans consume to promote longevity. Beef lovers must not miss the exceptional Juku Aged-Wagyu. It offers an unparalleled umami flavour, as it is sourced from carefully selected, slightly older female black cattle raised on Jukuho Farm in Yamaguchi prefecture.

A gastronomic journey that straddles the classic and contemporary  


Okinawa Goya Champuru

Juku Aged-Wagyu Steak


With the menu, you can discover traditional Japanese flavours through dishes such as Hiyajiru, Okinawa Goya Champuru, and Juku Aged-Wagyu Steak. Departing from the usual miso soup that we know, the Hiyajiru ($6.80) is a chilled version that comes with soft chunks of tofu and pan-fried salmon. 

For the Okinawa Goya Champuru ($11.80), the bittergourd is pan-fried, and accompanied with pork belly, tofu and egg. Rub your hands with glee as the Juku Aged-Wagyu Steak ($37.80) is served — the ribeye is pan-fried to medium doneness, then spooned with a gorgeous sauce. 


Negitoro Slider

Furutsu Ebi Roll

Berry Hiramasa Sashimi
Get to tuck into modern dishes that carry Sushi Tei’s chefs’ creative stamp as well. Relish the pronounced freshness and natural taste of the fish with the Berry Hiramasa Sashimi ($15.80). The bite-sized Negitoro Slider ($9.80) sees minced tuna and salmon roe arrayed on a carpet of deep-fried lotus root. An elevated take on the ubiquitous Dragon Roll, the Furutsu Ebi Roll ($12.80) is a hearty prawn tempura sushi roll packed with avocado, mango, and yuzu mayonnaise. A sliced grape sits atop each block. 


Creamy Prawn Bisque Udon

Lemon Mont Blanc

For a carbo load, go with the Creamy Prawn Bisque Udon ($16.80) — a potpourri of tiger prawn, scallop and squid comes together in a lovely tomato cream sauce. End the session with the vibrant and invigorating Lemon Mont Blanc ($4.80): layers of lemon mousse decorate the meringue base.

Sushi Tei’s Natsu menu will be available from now to 12 September 2023.