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Hong Kong born-and-bred burger brand Honbo arrives in Singapore with its first overseas outlet, right here at CHIJMES

Honbo, the home-grown burger joint hailing from Hong Kong, marks its first overseas outpost in Singapore, nestled within the iconic CHIJMES. Bite into Honbo's unique rendition of simple and straightforward American-style burgers crafted in-house by hand with no nasties,  only top quality, from buns to patties, sauces, and toppings. 

Inaugurated in 2017 along Sun Street in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Honbo has continually demanded queues that snake through the streets. Its clever infusion of local flavors and cultural influences has made Honbo truly distinctive. The burger joint has gone on to win several awards, including the Best Burger (Eater’s Choice) in Lifestyle Asia’s MMMs Awards 2021 and Bloomberg’s Best Burgers 2020, amongst more. Above all, it has cemented itself in the hearts and stomachs of both local and international gourmands, leading to the expansion of six thriving outlets across Hong Kong. 

Honbo now brings its brand of burgers made free from preservatives and with the finest ingredients to "The Lion City", all in its pursuit of the brand DNA in sharing delicious goodness through honest cooking. Save the date for Honbo’s grand opening on Friday, 28th July 2023!


Honbo’s beef is ground fresh daily in-house, free from preservatives, MSG, and additives, with each patty smashed on a flattop griddle upon order. To ensure consistency, Honbo exclusively imports its own USDA Double Gold Beef directly from Wisconsin, USA, standing as the solitary burger joint worldwide to feature this premium beef. Sourced from 36-month-old Holstein and Angus breed cattle that are fed with the finest corn, this beef from mature cattle yields a deeper depth of flavor. Honbo generously employs only the whole chuck, brisket, and short rib in the making of its burgers, ensuring a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Sandwiching its patties are house-made potato milk buns, also made fresh daily, from an all-natural exclusive recipe developed with renowned artisanal baker Eric Kayser. The recipe gains an extra touch by using only hand-mashed potatoes prepared in-house. Honbo stands as the pioneer and patent owner of the potato milk bun recipe in Hong Kong. Taste its exclusive stamp with every bite, distinguished by a unique combination of a one-of-a-kind pillow-like texture and delightful semi-sweetness.

Everything else that makes up Honbo’s burgers is given equally as much thought with sustainably sourced greens, pickles cured in-house from Japanese cucumber, and specialty sauces hand-crafted in its very own kitchen, using a closely guarded secret recipe created by the team.

Being the sole craft burger chain in Hong Kong that serves up top-quality, all-natural, and sustainable ingredients from beginning to end, Honbo further sets itself apart through its unique infusion of local flavors and cultural influences into its menu. Every bite of their burgers delivers Honbo’s dedication to crafting its own distinctive rendition of burger perfection, an extraordinary experience that delights both the palate and the conscience, at remarkable price points.


Uncover every element of Honbo through its menu – created with the utmost thought and attention to detail. 

The HONBO Burger range is the essence of the burger joint, a signature dish derived from the brand’s take on old-school fast food style cheeseburger. Nostalgia much?

“We take two 2oz beef patties, smash them onto the griddle, and sandwich a slice of cheese in the middle. It gives the burger double the crust and double the beef grease, but still less juicy than the Cheeseburger. The HONBO Burger is paired with our house sauce, a lot of raw onions, pickles, and no lettuce. The raw onions and pickles help cut through the greasiness, and you can really taste the crust and the meatiness." Says Honbo Founder Michael Chan.

It invites diners to taste the formula of its HONBO ($18), which comes with two crispy beef patties, cheese, pickles, onion, and house sauce. Multiply the fun with the HONBO 1.5 ($23) which comes with three patties and HONBO 2.0 ($28) which offers four patties. For those looking for a small snack, try the newly launched HONBO BB ($15) consisting of a single crispy beef patty, cheese, pickles, onion, and ketchup - it's as cute as can be!


There are no frills, no nasties, only straight-up quality deliciousness with each bite of Honbo’s burger. It offers a thoughtfully curated menu serving up burgers of single, double, and triple patties, alongside beefless creations and a selection of sides and drinks. Watch this space for exciting Singapore-exclusive flavors coming soon!


Go back to basics with the Hamburger ($15) of a single thick beef patty, honoring pure flavors with pickles, onion, lettuce, and house sauce. For an extra lashing of indulgence, the Cheeseburger ($18) adds a slice of American cheese to the above winning equation. Amplify the flavors and satisfaction with the Double Cheeseburger ($24) that serves up double the patty and double the cheese. For voracious eaters, The Gold Standard ($28) will hit the spot with two thick beef patties and two slices of cheese, bolstered by Applewood smoked bacon before finishing off with pickles, onion, lettuce, and house sauce. 

Looking to explore beyond beef? Journey down the menu to discover an array of enticing alternatives. The Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($18), sandwiches tender organic chicken sous vide for 4 hours, then pan-grilled and glazed with home-made teriyaki sauce, while the Impossible Burger ($22) appeals to meat-free diners with an Impossible patty complimented by Honbo’s vegan-friendly house sauce.


Seafood is accounted for with options like the Scallop Burger ($26), boasting succulent extra-large sashimi-grade Hokkaido scallops seared to a luscious golden brown. Artfully dressed with Japanese rocket leaves and Honbo’s own crunchy wasabi Pico De Gallo concoction. Making a splash for a limited period from Honbo’s opening! 

Teasing from behind the scenes – the Soft Shell Crab Burger stands as the only burger served in a charcoal bun. Be treated to a whole soft shell crab, coated in Vodka batter and deep-fried to a perfect crisp. Complemented by refreshing ginger coleslaw and a blend of tartar sauce infused with the distinctive flavors of Old Bay Seasoning, all uniquely made in-house. Be warned and stay tuned for its grand entrance!


Keeping things simple yet impactful, Honbo’s selected list of sides adds to the burger experience with items like Fries ($7), Coleslaw ($5), Chili Fries ($15),  Sweet Potato Fries ($8), Chili Crunch Brussel Sprouts ($11), Buffalo Wings ($15 for 5pcs), and more (clockwise, per the image above). Washing it all down are drinks that range from the classic like Mike’s Lemonade ($7) - a time-tested refreshing lemonade, to innovative like Apple Pie Iced Tea ($7) - bringing solid flavors reminiscent of apple pie in a glass.

Not forgetting the best part – cheers to a boozilicious array of drinks! Try Honbo's very own draft beer ($16), or the Michelada ($16), a unique blend of Tomato juice, dashi, and hot Flagrant Smash Sauce, all mixed with beer! Don't miss out on the Michelada, available exclusively on weekends only. Take it up a notch by adding a shot of gin or whiskey to any classic drink for just $7! Whether craving a crispy brew or a unique craft creation, Honbo's got that covered.

*The hot Flagrant Smash Sauce is exclusively developed and available only at Honbo.


Honbo prides itself as a Hong Kong homegrown classic burger joint with the mission to present its own distinctive take on simple and straightforward American-style burgers. More than just fast food, every burger is made with care, love, honesty, and exclusive Double Gold beef from Wisconsin, USA. This is apparent throughout various aspects of Honbo’s brand DNA and is especially reflected in the simplicity of the menu. Being the sole craft burger chain in Hong Kong that serves up top-quality, all-natural, and sustainable ingredients from beginning to end, Honbo further sets itself apart through its creative infusion of local flavors and cultural influences into its menu. Consistently voted as one of the best burger joints in Hong Kong, Honbo, which draws its name from the Cantonese term for hamburger 漢堡包 (hon bou baau), is thrilled to mark its first overseas outpost right here in CHIJMES Singapore.