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A Wagyu X Christmas to Remember: Impress Your Guests with This One-Of-Kind Hokkaido Wagyu Uncommonly Found Outside of Japan

This Christmas, make it one to truly remember with a serving of Wagyu X festive takeaway, featuring its coveted Wagyu X beef.

One of Japan’s most prized exports, the Wagyu X is now available for a taste as take-home specialties and portions, perfect for festive gatherings big and small. 

Not just another steak, Wagyu X is a Hokkaido special Wagyu crossbreed not commonly found outside Japan. It comes from a Hokkaido breed that is bred from the crossing of Kuroge black Wagyu cow and Aberdeen Angus bull. The result is a superb quality Wagyu born of an extensive breeding programme pioneered in Japan that bears meat of a unique combination – it has the distinctive marbling of A5 wagyu and the robust flavor profile of Angus beef, delivering a luxurious texture that is neither too fatty nor too meaty with the perfect balanced flavor. 

It offers a melt-in-your-mouth texture of Wagyu and a beefy juiciness of Angus with every bite and chew. Chef Masa and his co-founders named it Wagyu X, which also stands for Wagyu Cross (crossbreed). 

An Unforgettable Wagyu X Christmas

Bring the Wagyu X home for Christmas as a 1kg sirloin for $385, skillfully seared to the perfect doneness. This holiday feast includes the full frills of confit garlic, crispy garlic chips, and four different sides: roasted new potatoes with herbs, mixed grilled vegetables, roasted pumpkin with walnuts, and grilled caramelized pineapples. Every serving comes packaged conveniently for takeaway in specialty glassware, made for convenient heating up and stylish serving on the dining table. 

Enhance your dinner experience with add-on sides for just an extra $12 each. Options include roasted new potatoes with herbs, mashed potatoes with gravy, mixed grilled vegetables with dried black olives, or the classic ratatouille. Other tempting choices comprise roasted pumpkin with walnuts, sautéed mixed mushrooms, grilled caramelized pineapples, or a Caesar salad. As a perfect carb accompaniment, consider sharing the Wagyu X fried rice ($24). It features Japanese rice stir-fried with Wagyu X ribeye in beef fat infused with garlic. Alternatively, you can opt for Japanese white rice ($4).

Orders can be placed beginning 24 November 2023 and order 1 day in advance ahead of collection. Curb-side self-collection is available from the restaurant from 11am to 9pm daily while delivery can be arranged via Oddle at the link here. For same-day pick up please call us at 87956664.