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NY Chargrill Cooks Up First Woodfire Western Barbecue in a Barnhouse-Inspired Enclave at Jewel Changi Airport, Complete with Stunning View of the Vortex Rain

Barbecue has a new home at NY Chargrill, a fuss-free farm-to-table barbecue place sizzling up delicious goodness in a modern barnhouse setting, complete with stunning views of Jewel Changi’s waterfall. In respecting the best of its meats, NY Chargrill fires up the grill with woodfire, specifically from a selection of five unique selections, to lend a unique aroma to the cuts. 

Apple, cherry, hickory, pecan, and mesquite wood pair with different meats for a different smoky finish to satiate the appetite of even the most discerning meat-lover. The prized meats come accompanied by a selection of ala carte sides and mains to salads, skewers, homemade pasta, and more for a complete barbecue dining experience.  

Five Types of Wood

NY Chargrill perfects its barbecued meats by the fire from five types of wood with five distinct flavors: applewood, cherry, pecan, hickory, and mesquite.

Applewood is a great choice for adding a subtle sweet aroma to your dishes, especially with seafood, vegetables, and white meat, allowing their delicate flavors to shine through. Cherry wood is another mild option that pairs well with sweet mild flavours that need just a touch of smoke cooking. Pecan wood brings a higher intensity with its earthy smokiness perfect for searing seafood, and white and red meat without overpowering the meats. If you're cooking poultry, pork, or red meats, then Hickory wood is the way to go with a bold smokiness that will unabashedly cut through the fattiness of these meats, giving them a deep and robust flavor. Finally, Mesquite wood can take on the full game of pork and beef, adding a brazen punchiness unlike any other. 

Opt for any of these wood chips to cook your meal for only $5 per 30g. Enjoy your favorite cuts with a different smokiness for each of your visits. 

Home of Fine Meats and Prime Seafood

Only the finest and most prime of meats make it to the barbecue at NY Chargrill, whether you’re looking for beef, pork, or chicken. Cuts range from the short plate and chuck to brisket, tongue, prime rib, skirt, and more. Also offered on the menu are premium Wagyu beef and Iberico pork of perfect marbling for a touch of indulgence.

Indulge in a personalized dining experience with our ala carte options, where you can choose your preferred meat, cut, and weightage in convenient 100g portions. For an additional $4.90, diners can enjoy two sides of their choice to complement their meal. For those seeking a hassle-free dining experience, set meals are available, starting at an affordable $10.90, and offered in 100g, 200g, or 300g portions. Each set meal includes a choice of two items from a selection of soup, rice, or sides. As an added treat, enjoy a delightful selection of complimentary unlimited appetizers with any order.

Mains and Sides Galore 

For those who prefer something ready-to-eat, grilled mains promise to be just as satisfying. Grilled Tiger Prawns ($19.90) presents four whole prawns grilled to smoky juiciness, halved for easy shelling and stuffed with a medley of spices to bring out its natural flavors; Grilled Squid ($18) sears whole squid to just the perfect bite while lending it a smoky char; and Grilled Iberico Pork Jowl ($25) gets generous with a whole rack of jowl grilled with a slathering of barbecue sauce and served with long beans and buttered potato puree. Tuck into a whole Grilled Red Snapper ($24) fired up to pillowy soft tenderness with little more than a seasoning of salt and pepper to honor the natural sweetness of the fish. Salads are not amiss with Grilled Tuna Salad ($18) with cubes of tuna lending savouriness to a bowl of fresh garden greens and the Grilled Kale and Romaine ($8) that promises smokiness with each bite of crunchy romaine lettuce on a bed of shredded bittersweet kale. 

Smaller bites present themselves with a variety of skewers, including Pork ($5 per stick), Chicken ($5 per stick) and Beef ($6,50 per stick). Vegetable options balance crunch with flavor in options like Corn Elote ($6 per stick) and Grilled Padron Pepper ($4.50 per stick). 

Other starters and sides perfect to whet one’s appetite before a meal include Tempura Young Corn ($12) of golden baby corn strips lent extra savouriness with a breading of tempura batter and deep fried to tantalizing crunch, pillows of Fried Brie ($14) that is crunchy on the outside and oozy and melty on the inside and Burratina with Romesco ($20) of creamy and fresh burratina, harmoniously paired with a rich and zesty homemade Romesco sauce. Asian flavors tease with Karaage with Kabayaki Mayo ($14) for fried chicken with a Japanese flair and Sakelala ($10.80) of juicy whole lala clams cooked in a sweet sake broth.

Pasta Freshly Handmade

Carbs are well accounted for, and each plate is handmade by the order. Taste robust oceanic sweetness with dishes like Crab Tagliolini ($19) where pasta is cooked in a rich crab sauce and tossed with more shredded crab meat for full-mile indulgence. Bolder flavors come with the Beef Bolognese Rigatoni ($15) of thick rigatoni held together with a rich beef and tomato sauce. Meat-free but flavourful deliciousness comes with the Spinach and Ricotta Radiatori ($15) of creamy, cheesy goodness lifted by spinach as well as the Truffle Mushroom Risotto ($15) of hearty risotto amplified in earthy fragrance with truffle and mushrooms and generous slices of cheese. 

Drinks Refreshing and Spirited 

Wash it all down with a selection of drinks from juices, soft drinks, coffee, and tea to a small lineup of red, white, sparkling, and sweet wines by the bottle. Draught beer extends on the good times alongside ciders, the perfect refreshing sips to go with a good barbecue meal.