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REVIEW: Les Patisseries cafe

Went to this up and coming new cafe on 2 occasions. I live nearby so i should probably go there more often. haha. Will definitely recommend my friends to go! 

Anyways this is their address:

Toa payoh central block 186 #01-428 , Singapore, Singapore S310186

Bad thing is that their cafe is quite small! Good thing is that they're quite new so there's no queue at any one point of time. They should probably add more tables and chairs outside of their cafe soon! 

Their ice mocha with chocolate drizzle at the side of the glass though the chocolate should probably settle beneath so i can stir it easily as its bitter. 
 This is their truffle baked mushroom pasta! This is so good, as you can see the portion is big and the sauce is so yummy. 

Hot mocha on a cold rainy day is awesome! 

This is one of their special waffles. its called horffles! Waffles with horlick drizzle, ice cream, strawberry,cranberry and blueberry! I never see this anywhere before so let me know if you can find this anywhere! Needless to say this is as yummy as the picture below looks. haha.