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REVIEW: Good nasi lemak in Singapore: HUSK NASI LEMAK AT BUGIS CUBE

Husk Nasi Lemak started out as a cloud kitchen taking in online orders but has not opened an outlet at Bugis Cube. The stall is helmed by Chef Gideon Tan who has had more than 14 years of culinary experience. Bugis cube is also v near to Bugis MRT Station.

Address: 470 North Bridge Rd, #03-21 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735
Opening Hours: 11am - 9pm
Closed on Sunday

I've never visited Bugis Cube before, but I'm here to support Husk Nasi Lemak! The Wholesome Lemak Drumstick ($11.50) was my choice. This dish includes a large drumstick drenched in lemak chili padi sauce, sambal, anchovies, peanuts, achar, onsen egg, and fragrant coconut rice topped with crispy batter bits.

Their Nasi is cooked with only the freshest coconut sourced daily directly from the market. The coconut rice was served hot, which is uncommon at most stalls. The rice was also excellent, fragrant, and fluffy. 

The lemak sauce on the massive drumstick packs a punch and tastes very coconutty, and the chicken which was cooked sous vide was tender and juicy as well. Their sauces were made in-house as well.

The usual nasi lemak serves fried egg or sunny side ups but they serve onsen eggs here. Props for doing justice to the onsen egg as the yolk was really gooey and seems authentic.

I really like it, though it was a little more expensive than regular nasi lemak. Their dishes contain no pork and no lard. 

They have eight varieties for their nasi lemak like chicken cutlet, sous vide beef rendang, fried tilapia fish, chicken wing, grilled chicken, fish & chicken and slow-cooked mutton curry.

Husk Nasi Lemak Menu