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REVIEW: Dolce Tokyo

I have been to DOLCE TOKYO a couple times. Their all-day breakfast do not disappoint even though their service are not high standard. Their egg Benedict recipe is quite standard. They serve their egg bens on a wooden pan and their cakes in a cage. So unique yah? 

Address: #03-41, 313@Somerset, 313 Orchard Road

Here's their Smoked Salmon Ben. Generous portion of smoked salmon on top of nicely shaped eggs with cheese and bread underneath. Their side dishes consist of  grilled tomatoes, salad and a small bowl of baked beans. 

Benny Pancake.
The pancakes are overshined by the eggs. I feel like i am eating the eggs, ham, cheese and pancakes separately. Just like clothes, the whole dish must be able to blend together to create something special. This is not it. 

Classic Egg ben! 

Now this is slightly better than the Benny pancake. 

Mushroom Indulgence. 

Perfectly sauteed mushrooms with perfect eggs with cheese and bread. This is a must try. 

Green Tea with Goma Sesame Cake

Those green stuffs on top feels artificial. Didn't like the sesame fillings in between as well.

Red velvet cake. 

Didnt taste as good as it looks. 

Dolce tokyo may provide some of the best egg bens around but their dishes are superbly over priced especially their cakes.