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Chirashi Don at Tanuki Raw

Chirashi don. There's a mix of seasonal and staple fresh sashimi such as sea bream, tuna, swordfish, salmon, striped jack, and salmon roe, seasoned with their signature sauce, served with Tamago and Tanuki Raw's Signature rice. Everything is so fresh too. They mixed up my order and serve mine with salad though so they gave me an extra bowl of rice with no extra charge. 😉

Salted duck egg char Siew. Not exactly tender seasoned nagono pork belly char Siew, onsen egg, mixed mushroom and golden salted duck egg hollandaise sauce over sushi rice. 

Superstar roll. Mentaiko sauce negitoro over crispy mozzarella cheese, topped with seasoned tempura flakes and tanuki raw's oko sauce. I like that the tempura flakes gives this sushi roll that extra crunch which is unlike normal sushi.

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