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Lao Huo Tang started off in a hawker centre in 2008 and has since established many restaurants and has outlets in many food courts.
If you're looking for a low-calorie starter or meal that's actually satisfying and hearty, Lao Huo Tang's soup is an excellent place to start. They are also low in fat and sodium due to the soup being made with fresh vegetables, lean meat or pork ribs.

Check out The Lao Huo Tang menu here.
Both the Pork ribs w/Apple & snow pear soup and Lotus root soup with/peanuts are great for alleviating cough or sore throats.
The Pork ribs w/Apple & snow pear soup keeps the throat and lungs hydrated and alleviate coughs and sore or phlegmy throats. The natural sweetness of the soup quenches my thirst in this never-ending hot weather. 

If the above soup is not able to alleviate your cough, the Lotus root soup with/peanuts is believed to be able to melt mucus accumulation in the body especially in the respiratory system to relieve coughing. It is also a good source of vitamin C. 

If you're looking to keep yourself youthful, you can try the Chinese old cucumber soup or the Herbal black chicken soup w/ dried scallop.

The Chinese old cucumber soup contains high dietary fibre, iron, calcium and even said to have anti-ageing properties. Black chicken has filled with antioxidants specifically carnosine which targets various sickness and is said to combat aging by protecting cells from damage. It also play a role in treating many conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Drink the Fresh watercress soup or the Salted vegetable duck soup to reduce heatiness.
The health benefits of watercress include cancer prevention, lowering blood pressure, maintaining healthy bones and treating diabetes. Drink this if you're feeling heaty! 
The Salted vegetable duck soup is A hearty soup that is said to reduce the heatiness in the body.

ABC stands for Vitamin A, B and C. The Mummy’s ABC Soup is a comforting soup we grew up drinking thus naming this Mummy's ABC soup.

The Ginkgo nut pork tripe soup not only helps to stimulate your appetite but also nourishes the kidney and reduced water retention. It contains protein that will strengthen the body, spleen and stomach. With added gingko nuts which are also high in protein, vitamins and minerals. Gingko nuts are believed to stabilize asthma and soothes a cough.

Sea cucumber chicken soup
Sea cucumbers are very low in calories and fat and high in protein, making them a weight loss-friendly food. Every one knows chicken is high in protein as well. This is a soup that you will want to hit that protein intake.

Ginseng herbal chicken soup
Boost energy. Improve brain function and memory. Strengthen the immune system.

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🍲 Classic ginseng chicken soup (2pax)

These soups are great on its own or pair it with a bowl of rice.

Thanks to @esth3r_esth3r @laohuotanggroup for the invite and warm hosting!

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