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REVIEW: Tian kee and co

I feel obligated to write this for the longest time ever since i visited this cafe. It is so overrated.

Address: #01-48, 48 Dakota Crescent
OPENING HOURS: 8am - 9pm

You can either walk from Mountbatten or Dakota Mrt depending on your preference. 

1) No air-conditioning. Anything that you order that requires refrigerating melts so fast! Better to order main dish and ask them to serve desert after. Also suggestion to have a few people share their specialty rainbow cheese cake. :P

It may looks awesome on camera but it is just a normal above average cake.

2) This is their special tian kee egg royale. Their egg ben is overrated too!! As you can see, they are pretty generous with the sauce. Salmon hides underneath the egg. Best to stay there because they are salty. 

3) Mocha. It seems like they may have been generous in the amount of chocolate they put in this drink. Just look at that color!