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What i eat in a day - Weekend edition Pt 2

1) Pandan Pancake for breakfast! So you know Pandan repels cockroaches, and it is also widely used in food as coloring and for extra flavor! I blended some pandan and added it into my pancake batter~ thus the pancake became green! 

2) Made tomato rice 🍚 for lunch! I basically added 1 cup tomato purée and 1/4 cup of diced tomatoes into Japanese rice. I also added cumin and basil. I gotta say the taste is not strong. I probably need to add something else. 

3) Dinner is something simple. I did not make the pesto from scratch. You can buy ready made ones in cans from the super market. I added broccoli and crab sticks cos just pesto is boring. haha 


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