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Idk why what has gotten into me to go put braces in my teeth in late 2014. It has been a painful start with lots of ulcers and also an unexpected tooth extraction. In addition, I also need to put on this plalatal expend under my teeth for many months which makes it so difficult to eat and talk.

This has also caused gum problems. 😭😭😭😭

I still remember the Dentist didn’t give me any wax to put on the brackets and the ulcers was so unbearable that I had to eat lots of painkillers.

I had to Google how to reduce ulcers and found out I had to put wax. 😂😭😭 definitely a life saver! I grew from being scared to get ulcers to now being unfazed by it.

The Dentist started to tell me I’m almost there since start of this year and months passed... finally they told me I’m allowed to remove them few days ago. 😂 this made me so happy as I’m able to eat freely during my japan trip.

No more expensive good getting stuck between brackets!!!

Always felt that it’s a waste. 😂

Here’s to maintaining the straight teeth 🦷 for the rest of my life!

Still trying to get used to smiling with teeth. 😂

I noticed I am biting my cheek more often now without braces. I hope this will pass soon as well.


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