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[REVIEW] Burp Kitchen & Bar @ Bedok Reservoir

 Bedok reservoir reminds me of Water sports, and never did I imagine that there are cafes there too! 

They have a good selection of main dishes from Burgers, pasta, tacos, quesadillas, and brunch food. They also have desserts and drinks which includes Alcohol as well. The café was dimly lit at night with streams of customers looking to dine and chill with friends. Dining with a view as you can have a lovely view of the Reservoir from the shop.

Address: 740 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3165
470740 Singapore
Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 4pm - 12am
Sat-Sun 12pm - 12am
You can check out their menu here.

🍝 Grilled Unagi Aglio Olio
We love the Grilled Unagi Aglio Olio. There's a huge slab of Unagi which was slathered in sweet sauce and topped off with bonito flakes. Sautéed mushrooms and baby spinach was also added into the Jap Fusion dish. The unagi goes perfectly well with the Linguine.

Grilled Unagi Aglio Olio ($16.00)

🍔 Beefy Three Cheese
Between two charcoal buns, the flavours of beef patty are complemented by their in-house BBQ sauce, under a blanket of cheese which was combined with 3 different kinds of cheese. What a mess this is as the cheese was oozing out from all corners! What goes together with a burger? You can find bacon and caramelized onions too! The beef was, unfortunately, kind of dry but hope this could be improved!

Beefy Three Cheese ($18.00)

🌮 Korean Beef Tacos
These Korean Beef Tacos are flavour-packed and highly addictive with Beef Bulgogi, Lettuce, kimchi and gochujang aioli.

Korean Beef Tacos ($14.00)

🦆 Smoked duck poppers
Rounding off the meal with these Smoked duck poppers which have the crispy wonton skin encasing sliced smoked duck. We enjoyed dipping these into the mayo before popping into our mouth.

Smoked duck poppers ($10.00)