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San Pin Pao Fan (三品泡饭) - Opened by Ex-Jumbo Seafood Chef

My first Pao Fan experience is given to the newly opened San Pin Pao Fan (三品泡饭). For those of you who don't know what is pao fan. Pao fan which is 泡饭 is rice submerged in a seafood broth. San Pin Pao Fan is opened by Ex-Jumbo Seafood Chef. They have six variations of this pao fan with different ingredients like prawns, fried sliced fish, mixed sliced fish, and lala.

I ordered the Mixed seafood pao fan which had everything. Really love the comforting umami taste with every mouthful. Their broth is made from simmering prawns and pork bones for a few hours. No wonder it is so rich!

We also ordered the luncheon meat and Grilled Beef Fillet. The luncheon meat was done just right and the grilled beef fillet was so tender, even though looking charred.

Address: No. 27 Foch Road, Hoa Nam Building # 01-02 Coffeeshop Stall No. 4, Singapore 209264
Opening Hours: 10.45 am - 8 pm daily