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Burgs goes Online with Islandwide Delivery - Enjoy Affordable Gourmet Burgers from the safety & comfort of your home

Look forward to a Nasi Lemak Burger launching exclusively in conjunction with National Day at the debut of the site!

Burgs are no stranger to burger aficionados across the nation. It is a name that’s been synonymous with satisfying gourmet burgers with wallet-friendly prices since 2017. 

Burgs’ burgers may be for the everyman but the ingredients, technique and thought that go into them are carefully refined by two local chefs from humble backgrounds, who trained for perfection in Michelin restaurants before hanging up their chef hats to flip burgers.

The quality burgers are original recipes of Indra and Ridzuan,  who have seen the business grow quickly into four outlets in Bukit Batok, Timbre+, Viva Business Park, and Punggol Walk. Now, they are ready to welcome a new concept in 313@somerset, bringing a new, exciting experience to delight burger fans.

In conjunction with the launch and to pivot in answer to the government’s call for everyone to stay home and stay safe, Burgs has launched its very own delivery site (order.projectburgs.com) so everyone can enjoy Burg's affordable gourmet burgers at home. Islandwide delivery will send some of the best-selling items including the online exclusive Nasi Lemak Burger, launched in conjunction with National Day. 

Dining out may be out of the question for now but dining in can be a party of its own with your favorite Burgs, delivered right to your home. 

Nasi Lemak Burger

Discover Burgs online with the Nasi Lemak Burger

Premiering alongside the new online platform is the Nasi Lemak Burger ($5.60 ala carte), a specialty limited-edition burger created in conjunction with Singapore’s 56th National Day. Be among the first to try the delightfully local interpretation comprising a fillet of deep-fried turmeric chicken, cucumber slices, homemade sambal, Ikan bilis, and a whole fried egg by ordering it online.

Bacon Cheese Burger

In a few easy clicks, the Nasi Lemak Burger as well as the revamped Burgs’ classics like the Classic Cheese Burger ($6.90), Double Classic Cheese Burger ($9.90), Bacon Cheese Burger ($7.50), and Double Bacon Cheese Burger ($10.50) are also delivered to you islandwide. 

All Burgs burgers are made from scratch, from bun to patty and sauces. Burgs don’t serve their burgers on run-of-the-mill burger buns; instead, the custom buns are freshly baked from an original recipe. Burgs Burgers are also noticeably more rustic in presentation thanks to their signature smashed patty style, which allows for juicier textures and more explosive flavors with each bite. They are also dressed in housemade signature sauces, whipped up by the chefs themselves for flavors that differentiate Burg's burgers from others.  

Burgs’ Chilli Cheese Fries

The burgers come with a medley of equally tantalizing sides, including Original Fries ($3.90 ala carte), the classic burger companion deep-fried to a golden brown, Truffle Fries ($5.90) that come with a drizzle of truffle oil, and topped with parmesan shaving and spring onions for a touch of luxe, Burgs’ Cheese Fries ($4.90 ala carte) doused in a homemade nacho cheese sauce as well as the new Burgs’ Chilli Cheese Fries ($5.90 ala carte) topped with chili con carne, cheese sauce, chili flakes, and spring onions. Adding to the experience are Battered Onion Rings ($5.90 ala carte) made with large white onions and fried in a crispy batter.

Finish off your meal with the new Signature Black Lemonade ($4.50), a refreshing concoction of lemonade made with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has been touted to have health benefits, so you can feast on Burgs with a little less guilt. Opt to make your burger a set meal consisting of fries and a drink for $4.90 only.

Visit order.projectburgs.com to make your orders now. These items are a preview of a new extensive menu for the upcoming store at 313@somerset.