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Tien Court Rolls Out Revamped Menu Helmed by Master Chef Lui Wing Keung

Master Chef Lui’s New Deep Fried Glutinous Rice with Minced Chicken

Breathing new life into Teochew and Cantonese classics, Tien Court embraces a grand menu revamp as Master Chef Lui Wing Keung takes the reins, reinventing fresh culinary delights for the modern gourmand while staying true to its course.  A part of the long-established Millennium Hotels & Resorts Founded in 1989, Tien Court is situated within Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore on Havelock. 

Take flight on a culinary adventure with Tien Court’s timeless star dishes and new innovative masterpieces that are sure to delight the palate with a medley of textural surprises and fresh flavors. Showcasing a distinctly East Asian flair with a contemporary twist, diners are invited to dive into a gastronomic feast, starting with a selection of dim sum. 

Well-loved for their exquisite dim sum assortment, snack on Chef Lui’s signature Deep-fried Glutinous Rice with Minced Chicken ($7++/portion) that is delicately crafted in the shape of an adorable chick. These bite-sized chicks are then playfully nestled in a bed of hay and cracked eggshells.  An Instagram-worthy creation, each bite is at once crisp and chewy with a mouth-watering filling of savory minced chicken. Not forgetting the crowd-favorite, classic Teochew Steamed Crystal Dumpling with Dried Shrimp, Preserved Radish and Jicama ($6++/portion) with its thin and translucent chewy skin wrapping a heady filling of ingredients that are prepared fresh daily.

Those hankering for more can also opt for the Dim Sum Set Menu priced at $118++ (U.P.$168++) per set that feeds up to 5 persons. Savor a tantalizing spread from Teochew Crispy-fried Beancurd Roll stuffed with Prawn and Chives, and Steamed Pork and Prawn Dumpling to Stir-fried Kurobuta Pork Shoulder in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Teochew Sauteed String Bean with Minced Meat and Preserved Black Olive Vegetable and more!

The first Chinese restaurant to repurpose imperfect foods that would otherwise be discarded as part of Greengrocer’s Ugly Vegetable Programme, Tien Court kicks off the feast proper with a refreshing appetizer of Frozen Marinated Cherry Tomato with Plum ($8++/portion). Pair it together with the off-menu special Homemade Beancurd Roll ($16++/portion) made with a filling of tofu, prawn paste, carrot, and water chestnuts that provides textural layers of savory goodness. 

A sustainable solution to food wastage, Tien Court champions the cause by saving misshapen (i.e. out of size specifications, not in perfect shape, has slight marks) and oversupply vegetables from landfills. Here, Chef Lui uses Cocktail Truss Tomatoes and Cherry Tomatoes that don’t fit perfectly into a supermarket punnet in his latest appetizer. A sweet, juicy, and refreshing treat, the natural goodness of these perfectly ripened tomatoes is enhanced with a house special brew of honey and whole salted plums with yuzu. It takes an entire day to marinate the tomatoes to achieve the height of their piquant flavors.

In addition, Tien Court sources sustainable Greenlip Abalone for its sweet flavor and tender texture from Yumbah Aquaculture, the largest producer of Greenlip Abalone in the world. Sustainability in this sense translates to a closed breeding cycle where all wastewater and its impacts can be monitored closely and managed appropriately, avoiding the indiscriminate contamination of crucial water resources. This is also the second consecutive year that Yumbah has been presented with the Delicious Magazine National Produce Awards in 2021. 

Perfect for a cold day, the heart-warming, beauty-booster Double-boiled Fish Maw Nourishing Soup ($28++/person) is the perfect soulful treat. Its rich and milky broth is boiled down over 6 hours using only chicken collagen and snow fungus to extract the essence of its goodness. Scoop up spoonfuls of the creamy broth together with soft tendon, fish maw, and dried scallops. Served in individual clay pot bowls that maintain the soup’s optimum temperature from start to finish, it is best enjoyed with a dash of black vinegar to balance the richness.

Signature Braised White Teat Sea Cucumber in Oyster Sauce

A brimming bowl of fluffy white rice is in order to fully savor the following courses of Signature Braised White Teat Sea Cucumber in Oyster Sauce ($28++/person); Teochew-style Oyster Omelette (Small - $14++, Medium - $21++) with plump juicy oyster fritters studded on top and paired with a piquant Homemade Chili Sauce; Deep-fried Oyster Fritter with Garlic and Chilli Powder (Small - $16++, Medium - $24++) that is simply irresistible; and Stir-fried Pork Shoulder with Chef’s Special Sauce and Matcha (Small - $24++, Medium - $36++) that utilizes a leaner cut of meat marinated in honey and black vinegar for that flavourful sweet-sour profile. The pork is complemented perfectly with mild bitter notes of Japanese matcha powder.

No Chinese feast ends without a noodle dish that rounds off the exciting gastronomic flavors with a wholesome, hearty familiar favorite. Twirl up springy strands of Tien Court’s Signature Teochew Wok-fried Hor Fun with Diced Kailan and Preserved Radish (Small - $16++, Medium - $24++) that showcases the flavourful char from the expert handling of a hot, fired-up wok and topped with crispy Sakura prawns for added pops of umami.

A Teochew dessert specialty, Homemade Tau Suan with Freshly Grated Orange Peel, Gingko and Fried Dough Fritter ($6++/portion) refreshes the senses with its bright and citrusy fragrance, while the Signature Teochew Crispy Noodle (Small - $20++, Medium - $30++) brings great textural crunch with a refreshing strawberry vinegar sauce that sits light on the palate.

Weekly Specials Introductory Promotion – up to 50% off! 
Introducing a slew of Chef Lui’s innovative masterpieces, savor these new creations at a special price every week from 30 August until 3 October 2021. Terms and conditions apply.

30/08 – 05/09: Deep-fried Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Minced Chicken $4++ (U.P.$7++) 
06/09 – 12/09: Signature Braised White Teat Sea Cucumber in Oyster Sauce $18++ (U.P.$28++)
13/09 – 19/09: Homemade Beancurd Roll with Frozen Marinated Cherry Tomato with Plum $16++ (U.P.$24++) 
20/09 – 26/09: Signature Teochew Wok-fried Hor Fun with Diced Kailan and Preserved Radish $10++ (U.P.$16++)
27/09 – 03/10: Stir-fried Pork Shoulder with Chef's Special Sauce and Matcha $12++ (U.P.$24++)

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